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New KyiranFamous

As we wind down and get closer to the end of the year KyiranFamous has been releasing a lot of new music during this quarantine. In 2020 alone he has released:

- Sex Sales 2

- Sex Sales 3

- Sex Sales 4

- Unvalued 2

- Unvalued 3

- Unvalued 4

and plans on releasing 3 more projects before New Years. The work ethic is truly amazing and you can truly see the growth as an artist as KyiranFamous embark on taking over the the music industry one project at a time. Though proper promotion hasn’t been given for the multiple projects it’s clear to see that KyiranFamous has some sort of plan to set his self apart of from the rest by creating a wide genre of projects available from Apple Music to Tidal to Datpiff to YouTube. Get familar with KyiranFamous because it’s clear he isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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