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La Mesa Assault leads to San Diego Protest (late post)

On Wensday May 27, 2020 a young black man targeted and assaulted by Officer M Dages of the La Mesa police. The six minute abuse of power was all captured on film and shortly went viral after its upload to instagram (be sure to follow @lemthurdy on instagram). Our city took to action with a march protest all over the city. From street corners to freeways to main streets, people left work and home to go stand for the injustice that was seen all over social media and felt everyday in our communities.

As more peaceful protest broke out there were not so peaceful individuals who apposed and wanted the protest to cease. From La Jolla to National City to La Mesa to Downtown and all the way to Santee hated began to swarm the crowds across San Diego as racism and violent power hungry officers began to attack unarmed protesters with everything from death threats to tear gas to rubber bullets causing live changing damages to those hit by them. There have been reports of multiple people missing, arrested and greatly injured from attacks given by white nationalist and the police department. 59 year old Leslie Furcron was one among who was struck by an rubber bullet (picture below)

I can report on the injusticness for hours but i can really can say is. .. .WE JUST WANT TO LIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP THE POLICE BURTALITY& TAKING INNOCENT LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!

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