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George Floyd

We here at SkateboardNazty Records are sad to say that ANOTHER black mans life has been taking away due police brutality in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020. Even with the camera on their uniforms and pedestrians recording police still profile , attack and kill our black men and women. Early this month there has been multiple police involved shootings that led to the death of our brothers and sisters. Protest has broken out across the US due to the death of George Floyd, but I believe Floyds death was the straw that broke the camels back. George Floyd was not shot but was killed by officer from kneeling on his neck from more than eight minutes. He beg and pleaded for his life calling out for help as well as not being able to properly breathe. My heart breaks with each video that gets upload showing cops abuse of power towards my people. I pray that Floyds death (as well as everyone who has been killed , shot, abused, and wrongfully arrested by the punk ass police) will not go in vein and will not continue to happen. Rest Easy King may your family get the justice they deserve.

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