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selena and nipsey hussle

*late post*

March 31st marks the death anniversary of two of the biggest stars the world has ever seen , heard and had the opportunity to love. Selena Quintanilla & Ermias "Nipsey Hussle" Asghedom. Both legends lost their lives due to senseless acts of gun violence by two bitch ass people(excuse my French). They impact they made on the world reaches beyond the music they made. The two legends share a few similarities like

-they both own were entrepreneurs that owned businesses and clothing stores

- no matter the amount of success they achieved they never left their old neighborhood

- dedicated themselves to giving back to the kids and their community - encouraged and uplifted people to become a better version of themselves

Honestly the list goes on and on. The light that these two shinned onto the world will never become dim as it once was before they're arrival here on earth. Though the anniversary of their deaths is a reminder of lost everyone took that day, people are also reminded that world is a better place because they were in it!! Long Live Selena Quintanilla & Nipsey Hussle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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