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Half Way

damn its already half way into 2018. .. .we have defintetly been enjoying the jounery here at SkateboardNazty. The struggles make the success that much more better. Past few years we've had a few ups. .. .but ALOT OF DOWNS. And ran into every type of scamer you can possibily think of. From blog placements, radios, twitter, digtal distrubtion . Really thinking about making a list and posting it on here so other independent artist wont have to go threw the same headache and most lost as we did. Back to the point of this post though. We've bounced back and will keep on succeeding. Besides this site, we have began to re release all our music via soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify etc. Also we started releasing music videos to YouTube. EB Sweatlot has already released a few videos "impatient" & "winning" (search eb sweatlot to view them). KyiranFamous will be releasing a video for "tbh" this month (6/2018).

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